I search intro yvald

Yessica Valdivia

Eng 1020

October 13, 2015


          Have you ever felt as if you couldn’t move when you are sleeping, or even when you are barely waking up? Having to feel scared and hopeless as if there was nobody to help you around is an awful feeling especially when you think sleeping time should be relaxing and stress free. Those that do not experience any type of abnormal experiences while sleeping may have no idea of what I may be talking about, but it is serious to tell someone if they are experiencing or think they are experiencing something abnormal while sleeping. This topic will introduce what sleep paralysis is, what causes it, what can be done to treat it, and if it’s a sleep disorder.

          Sleep paralysis is somewhat scary when a person experiences it and may also be unpleasant when your loved one is telling you how it feels. This condition is basically when a person is not able to move or talk while sleeping. The person that is experiencing sleep paralysis may also feel as if a heavy “person” may be on top of them pressing on their chest, and covering their mouth so they won’t be able to talk. Although the person tries their best to be able to move or talk, they are not able to do it, making it hard for their loved one to notice what is going on.

          My motivation on researching this topic is because my father has experienced sleep paralysis multiple times. I would really like to get a better understanding of what is going, and that way I could help my father as well. It’s very scary not to know if your loved one is safe while sleeping, or if they need your assistance. As a daughter I want my father to feel safe and not worry about if something is going to happen if he goes to sleep. Therefore, this is my motivational reason of why I decided to do some research on sleep paralysis.


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